How To Do Hair Transplantation? There are many things to consider before having a hair transplant. First of all, you need to take these steps safely. You need to find a reliable hair transplant clinic. After passing this step, what to do for hair transplantation is listed below for you. You can have an idea about how hair transplantation is done by reading step by step.

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

How To Do Hair Transplantation? The answer to the question is usually a process that includes the following steps:

  • Choosing a Hair Transplant Center: The first step is to choose a reliable hair transplant center or specialist doctor. It is important to choose a center or doctor that is approved by the Ministry of Health and has an experienced team.
  • Application and Preliminary Evaluation: When you apply to the center where you want to have a hair transplant, a preliminary evaluation is made. The condition of your scalp and the cause of hair loss are evaluated. In addition, health history and other factors are taken into account to determine whether you are suitable for a hair transplant.
  • Planning and Design: A specialist doctor will make a plan and hairline design suitable for you for the hair transplant process. A planning is made that includes issues such as how the hair transplantation will be applied and the determination of the recipient and donor areas. At this stage, it is important to share the results you expect and your wishes with your doctor.
  • Removal of Hair Roots: During the hair transplantation process, hair follicles are usually taken from the area called the donor area in the nape region. Different techniques such as removing a strip containing the hair follicles to be taken (FUT method) or removing individual hair follicles (FUE method) can be used. Hair follicles are taken under local anesthesia.
  • Creation of Channels: Channels or sacs are created in the recipient area where hair follicles will be placed. This step is important to ensure that the hair follicles are placed at the right angle and density.
  • Transplantation of Hair Roots: The extracted hair follicles are placed one by one into the previously created channels or sacs. This step is usually done by microsurgical methods. After the hair follicles are carefully placed, the healing process begins.
  • Healing and Results: After the hair transplantation process, the healing process begins. During the first few days, there may be redness, crusting or mild swelling. However, recovery is usually achieved within a few weeks.